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"The sun will set at 4pm and the only stars will be you and me, then people will watch the only two stars in the sky..." Weird dream quotes FTW

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I get into a lot of political fights so this is your pre-follow warning :D

Posts tagged privilige

Feb 26 '14

So it just occured to me that the concept of privilege is just a way to get away with ad hominem attacks

"you’re this way so your argument is invalid"

Jun 24 '13

Female privilege:

Better orgasms

Mar 19 '13

first world feminist problems:


—this got way too many notes way too quickly i think i should hide

Sep 20 '12

Female privilege is having your boyfriend hit your leg really hard then giving him guilt for 10 minutes straight until he offers to buy you a second iced coffee.

Of course I denied the coffee. Because Im not a bitch. and that would be taking advantage of him, but its nice to know he regretted it :D

Jun 12 '12

People of every other ethnicity complain theyre discriminated against, but they dont stop to think, if youre poor and white and MALE, you got it bad son.

He got 99 problems but a free scholarship aint one!